Like big sisters

In a unknown town

One and only reason

To live in a hostel

Guide for the college

And friend for the life

Awake me in the morning

Always with a happy face

Our late night snacks

And early morning studies

Gives adventure to the life

Take care of me

Like their own siblings

Some of the purest souls

I have ever meet.

Unless you succeed

Walk alone on the path

Never depends on someone else

Always obey your mind

But follow your heart

Frustrate yourself

When you make no efforts

And be calm

When your efforts don’t pay

Focus on your inner beauty

Rather then your outer beauty

Have friends and enemy

But don’t have betrayer your side

Never give up

Unless you succeed.


She does not need your wings,
She just needs your trust.

Don’t force her to walk on your path,
She has her own path for walk.

Don’t say her what to do,
Just correct her when she is wrong.

She often remained silent,
That doesn’t mean she can’t speak,

She often becomes emotional,
But when the time comes, she can become stronger.

The size of her clothing can be small,
But that doesn’t mean that her heart size is small.

She is not weak or burden,
She is a born star,
She needs only the sky to shine.


Best friend and adviser,
Connector of the family,
Goddess on the earth,
Scold me when I am wrong,
Appreciate my all little achievements,
Combination of calmness and love.

Can’t win fight from her,
Can’t do argument with her,
Can’t live without her.

Accept all the difficulties of life,
Without even a single complaint,
The best inspiration for my life.

Understand everything,
Without saying anything,
Heal my all pain,
With a simple smiles,
Angel of my life,
My favourite person in this universe.


The moon is very beautiful creation of god who inspires many poets, many lovers recall their partners when they look at the moon but for me the moon is best friend who saves me from scary dreams and whenever I feel alone I just look at the sky and I found moon is always there for me. The moon can not speak anything but whenever I look at the moon I found some understanding between us.Somehow I am sounding idiotic but the night lover and the moon lover can surely understand my feelings.

Moon has a special healing powers that fills the wounds you have on your soul.
The dark night opens up many heart’s mystery, the person who tolerate all pain with smile during the day also cries at the night.

Starting days of the college!!!!!

Until now my best teacher who taught me many things in my life is my starting days of the college. I found many difficulties when I went to the college for the first time.

At first we believe that we will not be able to adapt this place. At least for me this is the biggest fear because I am an introvert person I can’t communicate with anyone easily. So for me it is really difficult to set on new place. But after few months I observed that it is not that difficult as we think to adapt new place.

Then friends, in college life the most important thing is making good friends and I faced many difficulties in making new friends. What I learned from my experience is choose your friends wisely and don’t trust everyone blindly. And at the end all these things sum up and affect your result. I passed out my first semester but until now this is big mystery for me that how I passed my semester??

I just learned one thing from my starting days of college that you are the driver of you life and you have to drive your life on your own strength. And starting something new is always difficult, but do not give up and one day you will get success.

But time is the best painkiller and best manager. So have patience and rely on God all the work goes on in time.

Is it okay to judge people from their look??????

We all know that phrase “first impression is the last impression” but if you think about it then it is really okay to judge people with their first appearance or work or look.

Most of us think that if someone is wearing traditional clothes means he or she is old minded and the one who is wearing modern cloths is advance in terms of thinking. But might be someone love to wear traditional clothes and still have a modern mentality and the person who is wearing modern cloths can have that old mentality too.

And specially nowadays if you are wearing good clothes means you are a good person. I am not able to understand that why do people think that clothes and accessories are the reflection of their personality I am not saying that you should not dress up properly but some people believe in simplicity also and you have to respect their simplicity and do not judge them on the basis of their look.

I think more then clothes or look heart of the person is most important thing. If you are wearing very costly and fancy clothes but you push that boy who is begging to you for 5 or 10 bucks then that clothes and look is worthless. Because at the end most important think is how beautiful you are from the heart rather than the face. The heart and humanity in it only show the true nature of human not that costly clothes or accessories.

Keep walking on the path…….

Keep walking on the path you choose,
But do not forget there are many barriers on the path

Keep walking on the path you choose,
But do not forget there are thorn with the flowers

Keep walking on the path you choose,
But do not forget there are clouds that have to be cleaned to open the fortunes

Keep walking on the path you choose,
But do not forget that negativity is also with the positivity

Keep walking on the path you choose,
But do not forget there are betrayer also with the good friends

Keep walking on the path you choose,
But do not forget that mistake or a failure is key to the success

Keep walking on the path you choose,
Because the journey is the more important than the destination.


Water is basic need of everyone on earth. We can live without food but cannot live without water.But today we are facing big problem of water shortage.More than 700 million people in India facing water problems.

Now we will discuss that what we can do to prevent water.First of all when we wake up in morning and go for brush and when we are doing brushing we waste too much water.After this when we go for bath again we waste water.This is only one example we waste too much water in daily life.Many of us have lickaging tap and we even do not pay attention towards this water.When we want to drink water we always take full glass of water and we drink only half glass and waste rest water.

We used to do post on social media on the occasion of water day but we all never think about this small small wastage.If we want to prevent small water wastage children should be educated about proper use of water since childhood.