Shades of NATURE

There are many shades of nature
Who come together at every evening
To tell us how beautiful nature is
But we all refuse to see that
See that beautiful shades of nature
And we tried to find that beauty
In a city of concrete
And we just found a piece of stress
So at some evening at least
Sit where ever you are
And enjoy the beautiful shades of nature
And feel peace.



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At every point of my life
When I,
I just started to trust the people
I just tried to understand the people
I just thought that they are nice people
And they understand me as well
And they consider me too
They just broke my all assumptions
And those who make me guilty too
Because I have always trusted the betrayer.

Happy New year

May the sun of new year brings positivity, happiness, lots of success and good health in your life😄.

According to Gujarati calendar Diwali is the last day of the year and today is the first day of the year.


Festival of love
Festival of lights
Festival of happiness
Festival of colours
Festival of devotion
Festival of togetherness

But, We turned it into

Festival of crackers
Festival of pollution
Festival of artificiality
Festival of outlook.

Once upon a time in my life

Once upon a time in my life

There was a dark and scary night

I was walking alone on the path

Able to sense some problem near me

Finding some one for the help

But no one was there for me

I still had the ray of hope as my friends

And started searching friends for the help

Broke my biggest illusion and faced the fact

That no one is here for me

Problem was increasing with the speed

And I was just running in the fear

Then finally I decided to fight

Fighting with the problem and fear

Without taking help of anyone

And then I realized something

That no one is with you in this scary night

And everyone was with me in blissful morning

This is life and I accept it with the smile

Because time is a best player

And play equally with everyone.