Plastic is a material mostly made up from the petrochemicals. It contains lots of synthetic and semi-synthetic organic compound. Plastic has many interesting properties such as ease to manufacture, versatility, imperviousness to water and mainly it is available at very low cost. Because of this plastics are widely used at everywhere such as packaging, piping, automobiles, toys, furniture, showpiece, medical field, kitchen appliances, electric devices and lot more.

But now-a-days plastic is considered as a major source of pollution. There are many reasons that plastic is considered as pollution such as plastic is biologically non-degradable. Because the compounds of plastic are too strong that microbes are not able to break them. That means nature does not support it anyway. Secondly, when we burn it plastic produces very harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and many more. And third there are plastics called single use plastic like packing bags (less than 50 microns) are the one whom we use only one time and throw it away. And this makes them most harmful type of plastic. Fourth point is that large amount of plastic is disposed in ocean and land every year. If we go with statistics it says that 13 millions of plastic leaks into our ocean every year.

Indus, Brahmaputra and Ganga are one of those ten rivers who carry 90% of plastic in to the ocean. Now-a-days if we see into the river we can spot more amounts of plastic bags, bottles and other plastic materials than fishes. Sometimes marine animals look at plastic and assume it as a food and swallow it. According to one study 100,000 marine animals die because of plastic every year.

According to the report of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change 25,000 tonnes of plastic are generated every day our country. Out of this only 9000 tonnes is recycled. If we think globally only 9% of plastic is recycled and rest 91% is disposed into the ocean or landfill.

50% of consumer plastic is single use which is highly responsible for land, air and water pollution. First of we all know that plastics are biologically not degradable. So we directly or indirectly dispose in either land in landfills or water sources such as rivers, lakes and ocean. As we know burning plastic produces large amount of toxic gases and this tends to many diseases related to heart and lungs. There are many animals which consume plastic and it causes their death. There are many marine animals which consume plastic and it also causes their death too.

The only environment friendly ways to beat plastic pollution are to reduse, reuse, and recycle it. Which is also called Theory of 3R’s. It means reduse single use plastics, reuse usable items and recycle them as much as possible. Bioplastic is also one of the solution to beat single use plastic. Major advantage of bioplastics is they are biologically degradable. We can reuse single use plastic to make roads too which are highly durable.

The only thing single use plastic gives us is major destruction in environment and in ecology. At the end we have to decide what we want destruction or sustainable development. As a responsible citizen and human being it is our responsibility to beat this single use plastic pollution and make our country Single use plastic free.


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Number of trees species is 60065. Number of flowers species is 400000. Animal species on the Earth is 1-2 millions. Number of Bird species is 10000. Species that lives in ocean 1 to 2 million.

Total species on earth land 6.5 million and Species in ocean 1-2 million. This all combined with each other and create beautiful environment.

We are just one among them still we destruct most. And this is leading us to major problems such as climate change, global warming, green house etc. Because of it many species are declined and they possess major threat for the survival of living organisms on the Earth. We are destructing environment in many way which needs to stop as fast as we can. This is mandatory for not only protect environment but protect ourselves too.

Life lesson #2

Success!! Success means different for everyone. Earning money is a success for someone. And the thing they are willingly want, achieving that is success for many people. Self satisfaction or proud in others eye for himself can be also considered as a success. Stardom and power means success to many.

For me success means making parents proud, helping other people and live life honestly is a success.

Ecosystem or EGOSYSTEM


Reports say that almost 60% animal decline in past 70 years. And the reason behind this is human. Yes we did this. It is not about only animals but the way we are destroying forest and giving all garbage to the ocean over all harming nature it clearly shows that we are living in a egosystem where we humans think that we are on the top and we can use or destroy nature. But actually we have to live in ecosystem where we all are same.

Faster we are developing, greater we are destroying them as we are not thinking about them.

Let’s think about them and at least try to save them as much as we can.

Sunset at sea

When the sky meet to the ocean

When the horizon is visible

When the negativity of life not disturb you

When the waves teach you

That rise then fall and rise again

But never give up on trying

And always be enthusiastically positive

That curing sound of the waves

Soothe you like a painkiller

Explain you how beautiful they are

Orange sun trying hard to not fall the day

But at the end there is sunset

Which depict that ending can be beautiful

And every fall is not for the bad

Some fall can be beautiful and peaceful too.

Life lesson #01

There are several people around you in your life who always try to let you down, they might be make fun of your ideas but never forget one thing that people who are not able to do something laugh at other and make fun. So ignore them and live your life on your own condition never stop thinking because this is the best way to take revenge.


I want to be a child again
A beautiful innocent child
Who does not hurt anyone
And no one makes him sad
Who was never bored to try
And everyone encourages him
Who never feel jealousy
And no one feels jealous of him
Who always have the smiley face
And try to keep smile on everyone’s face
Which always has a pure soul
And no one tries to hurt his soul
Who has never give up attitude
And which is essential for everyone.


Nature is really blessed

Blessed with the beautiful colour

Blessed with the peace

Blessed with the healing power

Blessed with the coolness


We always prefer

A life with the artificiality

A life in a forest of concrete

A life with lots of stress

A life without NATURE.

Shades of NATURE

There are many shades of nature
Who come together at every evening
To tell us how beautiful nature is
But we all refuse to see that
See that beautiful shades of nature
And we tried to find that beauty
In a city of concrete
And we just found a piece of stress
So at some evening at least
Sit where ever you are
And enjoy the beautiful shades of nature
And feel peace.


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At every point of my life
When I,
I just started to trust the people
I just tried to understand the people
I just thought that they are nice people
And they understand me as well
And they consider me too
They just broke my all assumptions
And those who make me guilty too
Because I have always trusted the betrayer.